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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Box Art

Here are the box art covers I did for the Ford Racing titles that my studio developed.

Ford Street Racing L.A. Duel
(for European release)

Ford Bold Moves Street Racing
Unfortunately I don't have the full box art cover but this is the 3D render that was used on it.
(for US release)

Ford Racing Offroad

Here we have variations of the same title, all of which are published.
First on the far left we have the US release of the Wii platform which features the new Ford F150 2009 model to run in conjunction with the Ford unveiling in their showroom exhibition. While the second version has the previous 2008 F150 model for the PS2, PSP and PC platforms.
The third cover is the European release that encompasses all platforms editions featuring the Range Rover Sport.

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