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Thursday, 18 September 2008


Just a view quickish paintings (1 day each) of the castles to go with the earlier heraldry post. They were done to establish the main mood and lighting for each different castle and kingdom.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Banner painting

Just though I may aswell post this old painting I did. As you see it was used for the banner of this site. I did it to play around with painter for the first time. I think it was painter 9, not sure on that one.

even more concept

more concept work - flags and heraldry

concepts and layouts

Big City Dreams DS

Here is some 3D work I did for Hello Kitty - Big City Dreams for the nintendo DS.

Shopping District (Environment)

Vehicle 1

Vehicle 2

Vehicle 3

Interior concept - Apartment lobby

Interior concept - happy sushi bar

Ford Offroad - 3D Model

A model of a Solent aeroplane I did for Ford Offroad which sat on one of the tracks.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

New Jungle Layout

I've just finished this layout. It was inspired by the layouts of Armand Serrano. Worth checking out his blog. I've added it to my links menu.
Thinking about painting this up, hopefully if I get the time and a wacom tablet. A cintiq would be nice too.

Layout Studies

Some of the studies I made before drawing any of the jungle layouts. I looked at Disney's Tarzan, the Jungle book, photo reference and other images I came across on the internet.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Art exhibition

I was asked to produce some work in 3D for an art exhibition called ‘A New Dynamic’ by Central Artists Initiative of which I was a member of ( not sure if I still am a member, i'll have to check on that one? I decided to go with a bit of dark humour with this one. Eveything is made in 3d and then has some photoshop effects applied.
note to self: remove lens flare, what was I thinking?

Title in image (can't type that too easily)

While searching through old work

While looking through old work I came across these paintings. Couldn't find any large images of these. My guess was I lost them when I had that harddrive failure way back. Damn!, lost a year a halfs work with that hard drive, including all the commission oil paintings I did (which I cant get again as they were sold off). But on the bright side at least I found these two images. Sorry they're so small.

Commuinion girl - 596 x 907mm - Oil on Canvas

Sea scape - 305 x 406 - Oil on Canvasboard

Sketches from a Notebook

Some scans from a old sketchbook(about one year) that I never got round to filling. The top two images are concepts for a larger layout. Dont think i`ll get around to doing it anytime soon. The lower two were just for fun.

Jungle Temple 01

Jungle Temple 02


World War 1_ghostly soldiers

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Ford Landrover Racing Offroad

High end renders done for Ford Racing Offroad PR and Marketing. 
The background images were stitch panoramic photos from reference trips. The vehicles were resup versions of the ingame cars with parts from optimised CAD data. The cars were rendered in Max by another artist and then were colour adjusted and painted into the scene by myself.
print size (8193 x 2327 pixels)

print size (8193 x 2327 pixels)

print size (8193 x 2327 pixels)

Close up images of the vehicles